Vasiliki Lalioti is tenured assistant professor of anthropology of performance in the Department of Music Studies, at the National and Kapodistrian University of Athens. Her recent research interests and publications include issues related to the performing arts (contemporary popular music, theatre, performance art) and digital technologies, the relationship between nature and culture, posthumanism, and the ontological turn in anthropology.

Indicative recent publications:
Books (in Greek)
2022. (ed.). Digital technologies and arts. Athens: Ropi (Under publication).
2016. ‘The soundtrack of our lives’. Contemporary issues in the study of popular music. Athens: Papazisis.

Papers in peer-reviewed journals
2022. «Performance, music, and time: Some thoughts on digital ‘liveness’». Automaton: Journal of Digital Media and Culture, 1(2), 35–57. (in Greek)
2020. “Performance as shared mindfulness”. The Journal of Performance and Mindfulness, 2(2). doi: (in English)
2018. «Digital performance and poshumanist anthropology». The Greek Review of Social Research, 150, 37-76. doi: (in Greek)

Vasiliki Lalioti

Tenured Assistant Professor