Pavlos Kavouras is Professor Emeritus of the Faculty of Music Studies at the National and Kapodistrian University of Athens (NKUA). His scientific work blends anthropology and sociology, musicology, history, philosophy and cultural studies. He was Founder and Director (2007-2022) of the Ethnomusicology and Cultural Anthropology Laboratory of the NKUA. He has participated as principal or collaborating partner in many international projects related to lecturing, teaching and ethnographic research, as well as numerous other institutional synergies in art and education management. Since 2016, he has been visiting professor at UCLA, Department of Ethnomusicology, and in 2015, he, as Onassis Foundation Greek Scholars Fellow, gave a series of invited lectures in the United States of America, at the universities of California (UCLA), Stanford, Illinois, Michigan and Harvard. Since 2012, his academic, artistic and philosophical interests are focused on migration and otherness in a broad geo-cultural perspective employing music and film as venues for understanding otherness and as vehicles for attaining Self-awareness. Since 2020, he is a founding member of the NKUA Center for Excellence dealing with “Inter-religious Dialogue.” He has done extensive ethnographic research in Greece, the USA, Southwest India and Egypt. He has published numerous books and articles in English and in Greek, and is the General Editor of the Ethnomusicology and Anthropology scholarly series for Nissos Publications.

Publications (selected)

2020. ‘Empowering theatre training through performative awareness: the dialogics of reflexivity and transcendental consciousness’. In: Challenges of the mind: New directions on theatre training. World Theatre Training Institute.

2015. “Western art music at the time of Crisis An interdisciplinary study of contemporary Greek Culture and European Integration”. In Polyphonia 26:7-64

2010. (ed.)Folklore and Tradition: Issues on the Re-presentation of Music and Dance. Athens: Nissos (in Greek)

2006a. Trickster and Cain: A Musical Allegory. Athens: Fagotto (in Greek)

2006β. “Ethnographies of dialogical singing, dialogical ethnography”. Music and Anthropology 10

2003. “The Past of the Present: From the Ethnography and the Performance of Music to the Performance of Musical Ethnography”. In: Τhe Present of the Past: History, Folklore, Social Anthropology. Athens: Society for the Study of Modern Greek Culture and General Education. 307-359. (in Greek)

Pavlos Kavouras

Professor Emeritus of Caltural Anthropology